Are you a regular casino player or perhaps, you are consistently betting on several casino games? In this regard, you probably have gained enough experience on different casinos and casino sites and which are the ones that are really a great pick.

It’s the Real World

It is true that there are countless of online casinos that are established and respected in their field.

But still, there are bad apples in the basket that you have to be aware of. Scams take place in these sites particularly on payout and sometimes, even on the actual games. The worst case, the dealer themselves are involved in the fraud act.

According to reports of past victims during payout, whenever they try cashing out their winnings the scam takes in form of:

  • Locking out of the system while the accounts are frozen
  • Charging a ridiculous fee for withdrawal with as much as 25 percent and;
  • Depriving of payout funds which players never get

Reporting these Nasty Activities

Now, as a responsible player, you should take action in reporting online casinos that are making these kinds of scams. One way that you can do so is by making your friends and family know the existence of these scams. It can be done by sharing it on your social media accounts or, you can go directly to FTC or Federal Trade Commission so legal actions can be put in place.